Pete Barker – Vocals, Guitar and Heavy Lifting. 

He is from Oregon and writes the songs.  He has not been linked to any significant levels of crime.  100% Original Brang.

Kevin Coughlin – Drums, Vocals, Time and Taste. 

Kevin is from San Diego and literally plays in every band in Sacramento.  He is original Brang Number Two.

Rob Meyer – Bass, Background Vocals. 

Rob joined the Brangs during the recording of the debut album, Seafoam Green.  He also plays in several Sacramento area bands. 

Tom Proulx – Lead Guitar and Vocals. 

Tom Grew up near 8 Mile in Detroit, Michigan.  Tom has cut his teeth with several legendary bands in Sacramento Region before joining the Brangs Family in the summer of 2018.  He is Tom, aka Brang Four.